Better results and fewer misunderstandings

Do you need help creating automated management reporting in Power BI? Or maybe you need a complete resource management system in Excel? Perhaps you need to optimise your processes to eliminate or limit manual data input?

I have extensive experience with BI and data science, and I can help you with just about anything in Microsoft. My knowledge about and experience with warehousing and logistics companies enable me to quickly understand your business.

Speaking the same language means fewer mistakes and better results.

Data projects with change management

DataJuggler underviser i Excel

To me, BI is just as much about people as it is about data. It is about your employees spending time on what they do best and what brings the most value to your company – for instance, analysing numbers, making the right decisions and taking care of customers.

That is why a data project is not over for me after I have coded your data integrations – I always help facilitate a smooth transition to the new process or system and support you in implementing the solution accordingly throughout your organisation – that way you get the full output of your new solution.

And if – contrary to expectations – I am not the right person for the job, I am happy to facilitate contact to someone in my network.

Business Intelligence

With my expertise in Microsoft SQL servers, I can help you optimise your systems to avoid facing code failure at critical moments.

I can help you with everything from optimising SQL scripts and developing standard SSIS packages to documentation of your current ETL processes and visualisation of your data so that you can start working with your most crucial analyses today – while also clarifying unfamiliar concepts to you along the way.

Get in touch and let us have a chat about how I can help you.

Data science

Using data science, you will be able to locate exactly those parameters that will make your customers return to you – that way you will know where to prioritise your focus going forward.

Optimising your picking routes and implementing this in your warehouse management system will also improve your order picking productivity.

I can also help you test and most likely optimise your forecast models to ensure minimum stock levels and the highest possible service level for your customers.

When it comes to data science, there are so many possibilities. The trick is knowing where to start – and that is where I excel.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about how to use your data for forecasting.

Management reporting

It is one thing knowing how to use data, but another thing to communicate it so that both employees and decision-makers know which direction to go.

I can assist you with integrating Excel sheets with your SQL server, so your figures are updated automatically. This will free up time you can spend on analysing figures and making the right decisions.

How about a day of storytelling and data visualisation, where you will get the tools to make even better reports and dashboards?

I will provide you with tips and tricks on how you can quickly pinpoint the most relevant issues to your management or board – and how to visualise your latest results.

Need some inspiration? Let me know

Teaching and training

A great part of what I do is about teaching and communication. I have no problem coding a data integration for you. But the solution is of little value to you if you do not have the tools for and instructions on how to use your new solution.

If you need to learn how to prepare and import data and start building reports in Microsoft Power BI, I would be more than happy to visit you for a customised seminar or workshop for your business users.

Or maybe we need to dig deeper and look into how you can use data science to predict future scenarios?

Besides customised courses, I teach Power BI and Power Pivot + Power Query i Excel at Kursusfabrikken.

Please reach out to me if you want to learn more about data science.