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Stinna DataJuggler Jonglerer

I am truly passionate about the link between data and people, and I am particularly thrilled to be working with manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. This is where my practical experience with warehousing and logistics optimisation and my background as an engineer really come together.

My professional goal is to make production and warehousing companies data-driven and more cost-effective. I code data integrations and help visualise and analyse data. I also have a strong focus on change management, and I help ensure that new systems are implemented and that new processes are carefully planned.

I am with you throughout the entire data journey, and for me, the most important aspect of this process is to make sure that I help create the foundation that will help you make better decisions based on data.

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Now let’s look at the dry facts:

  • My official title is Data Scientist and Business Intelligence Specialist.
  • I have a BEeng in Global Management and Manufacturing and an MSc in Engineering (Transportation and Logistics) with a specialty in mathematics and statistical optimisation and programming.
  • In 2008-2009, I studied Industrial Management for one semester at Christelijke Hogeschool Windesheim in Holland.
  • Besides my experience as a process developer in a supply chain organisation, I have spent 3 years working as a data scientist in the finance industry – with a focus on wealth management.
  • As of December 2021, I can call myself Microsoft Certified in Azure Data Fundamentals.

Want to know more about my past? Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.

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